Weekend Workshops

Both Keith Gray and Paul Malone offer inspirational and instructive weekend writing workshops in Vienna. Whether you have been attending our Sunday writing sessions and are looking for the next step in your journey or you are ready to leap right in, the workshops are an excellent way for you to take your writing to the next level.

Upcoming workshops:

We’ll be adding more workshops and events in early 2020. In the meantime, check out our upcoming creative writing sessions here.

Recent workshops:

Creative Writing on the Go with Paul Malone

(Saturday 27th April 2019, Cocoquadrat, 1040 Vienna)

If you’re like most people interested in writing, you face a common challenge: developing a regular writing practice in a very busy life. In this workshop run by Paul Malone, you’ll explore your writing aspirations and discover how you can practically go about pursuing them.

Whether you dream of writing a novel or you simply love creative writing in its myriad of forms, following writing rituals is not only essential for writing flow, in good time, like stepping stones, they will lead you to your destination.

At the end of this creative writing workshop you will:

  • have explored creative writing in a fun and friendly group setting
  • have created your personal writing rituals to get your writing flowing
  • have learned about or strengthened your understanding about those elements of fiction essential for writing stories
  • come away with your own writing material and the inspiration to take your writing to the next level

This workshop is run by Australian author, Paul Malone.  His short stories have appeared in leading children’s literary publications including The School Magazine (Australia) and Scoop Magazine (UK). Paul has been running writing workshops for several years through Creative Writing on the Go and more recently through Sunday Writers’ Club, and he is a member of The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI).

Workshop Details:

When: Saturday 27th April 2019   from 9.30am to 12.30pm

Where: Cocoquadrat, Wiedner Hauptstrasse 65, 1040 Vienna

Price: €75

To book: Register here (Creative Writing on the Go website)

 Keep Your Writing Alive with Keith Gray

Are you surrounded by unfinished stories? Do you have wonderful ideas in the beginning but run low on energy halfway through? Maybe your unruly characters take the plot in unmanageable directions? Are you struggling to finish that first draft? Keith Gray’s workshop aims to help keep your writing vibrant, exciting and on the right track, sharing with you the professional advice and techniques he’s learned in over 20 years as a published author.

  • Develop your plot and character arcs with flexibility.
  • Keep the excitement in your writing whilst keeping the story under control.
  • Develop successful self-editing skills.
  • Nurture and maintain your self-belief as a writer.
  • Make it to the end!

Keith Gray’s books have been translated into a dozen languages and have won or been nominated for awards all over the world. He’s been a reviewer for the Guardian (UK) and Scotsman newspapers and a professional mentor for new writers on behalf of the BOCAS Lit Festival (Trinidad & Tobago), Emergents (UK) and Scottish Book Trust – one of whom, John Young, went on to be shortlisted for the Scottish Teen Book Awards with his debut novel. As a facilitator at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, Keith has interviewed writers as diverse as John Green, Joe Hill, Julia Donaldson and Ian Rankin live on stage. Keith is regularly invited into schools and libraries, helping to encourage a love of reading and writing in young people.


When: Saturday 23rd March 2019 from 9.30am to 12.30pm

Where: Cocoquadrat, Wiedner Hauptstrasse 65, 1040 Vienna

Price: €75 (you will be sent payment details when you book)

To book: Send an email to viennaswc@gmail.com (Subject: Keith Gray Workshop)

Writing Your Novel – Pages 1-100: Getting It Off The Ground

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 (Saturday 27th October 2018. Full booking details below)

Starting a new novel can be a daunting undertaking even for experienced writers. Keith Gray’s fully interactive workshop will use famous examples as well as your own writing to help get that novel off to the best start possible by focusing on 5 key elements:
  • Grabbing the reader’s (and publisher’s) attention
  • Creating an evocative setting
  • Developing an intriguing central character
  • Structuring a dramatic plot
  • Managing your own writing time, space and expectations
This is the perfect opportunity to work with an award-winning writer and editor who has over 20 years experience in the publishing industry.
It’s also the perfect preparation for launching yourself into National Novel Writing Month
Look out for ‘Writing Your Novel – Pages 101 to 200: Keeping It Alive’ and ‘Pages 201 -300: Happy Endings’ coming soon.

Booking Details:

When: Saturday 27th October from 9.30am to 12.30pm
Where: Cocoquadrat, Wiedner Hauptstrasse 65, 1040 Vienna
Price: €75 (you will be sent payment details when you book)
To book: Send an email to viennaswc@gmail.com (Subject: Novel Workshop Booking).
Workshop run by award winning novelist, Keith Gray
10 people max. Hurry to book your place!

Introduction to the Short Story

 (Saturday 10th November 2018. Full Booking Details Below)

Workshop run by Paul Malone

In this fun workshop, you will discover the joys of writing your very own short story! Through instruction, examples, group discussion, and writing, the workshop covers:

  • Story concept: exploring and developing ideas
  • Elements of fiction: the basics of writing a short story
  • Writing your story: from concept to first draft
  • Revising your story: an effective approach to getting to the very heart of your story.

The workshop is ideal for anyone interested in creative writing in English. Participants should have a reasonable grasp of English. No previous story writing experience is required.

Booking Details:

When: Saturday 10th November from 9.30am to 12.30pm
Where: Cocoquadrat, Wiedner Hauptstrasse 65, 1040 Vienna
Price: €75
To book: fill out the form on Paul’s site: Creative Writing on the Go