Contribution Guidelines

How to contribute to the Sunday Writers’ Club blog

Sunday Writers’ Club regularly publishes creative writing on our blog. If you would like to contribute, here our our guidelines:

  • We only accept writing from people who have participated in the Sunday creative writing sessions
  • The writing must have been written in the creative writing session

Please include:

  • the title of your creative writing piece and your full name
  • the writing prompt that inspired you
  • the date of the Sunday creative writing session
  • a short bio of no more than 50 words (optional)
  • a link if you would people like to find out more about you (optional)
  • please send only one writing piece at a time
  • try and correct any spelling errors etc. before submitting

Send your writing in Word format to

Email subject: Blog submission: Title of Story, Author Name

Please note: Although we make every effort to publish as many creative writing pieces from our participants as possible, we do not guarantee to publish any one piece. We also do not edit the writing or provide editorial feedback.

We look forward to posting your contribution!