24 Hour Writing Challenge

1 Story, 3 Prompts, 24 Hours

Here we go with our first ever 24 Hour Writing Challenge.

Your 3 prompts are –

1) The object in the photo above.

2) The line of spoken dialogue: “It happens every Christmas.”

3) The setting of a Viennese Café after dark.

You now have exactly 24 hours from 09.00am today Sunday 15th December until 9.00am tomorrow Monday 16th to write a story or poem which combines all 3 prompts in a fun, unique, imaginative way.

Taking part in the SWC 24 Hour Challenge is completely free. Only one entry allowed per writer with an absolute maximum of 2000 words. Send your entries to viennaswc@gmail.com with the subject ‘24hour challenge’. Prizes will be awarded to our favourite 3 entries and will be handed out personally at the earliest convenient SWC session – no prizes will be sent via post. With permission we will also publish the winning three entries on this page. The judges’ (i.e. Keith’s and Paul’s) decisions are final. All writers will retain copyright of their work.

Happy Writing!