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Melted Candle by Connie Phlipot

Kira set the cardboard box on the floor.   Tape had not stuck well — the air had been too humid — so she had tied a twine around the box.  Now the knot had tightened to an impossible-to-break lock.  She looked around the room for scissors or a knife.  Workmen had left a sharp tool… Continue reading Melted Candle by Connie Phlipot

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Hell is The Lost Leg

This week's post title sounds like a story title in itself, but actually it's an intriguing composition of the following two stories: Hell is by Laura Weichselbaumer and The Lost Leg by Caroline Stevenson We hope you enjoy reading both these stories written by two very talented Sunday writers. Hell is By Laura Weichselbaumer Photo… Continue reading Hell is The Lost Leg

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All new Sunday Writers’ Club contributions

Many thanks to Connie Phlipot and Jonathan Pickering for their contributions this week. We hope you enjoy reading their creative writing that came out of the Sunday writing sessions. And you are very welcome to leave a comment or share. Photo by Krzysztof Niewolny on Unsplash Five things you didn't know about autumn By Connie… Continue reading All new Sunday Writers’ Club contributions


Sunday Writers’ Club 1st Birthday Celebration

Happy birthday! On Friday 27th September 2019, Sunday Writers’ Club celebrated its first birthday. It was a special evening, filled with memorable readings, rousing speeches, delicious Austrian cuisine, champagne (Prost!), and a splendid birthday cake! A big thank you to the following people for their various contributions: Patrizia Stiegler and Jennifer Cornick (reading)Connie Phlipot (reading)Patrick… Continue reading Sunday Writers’ Club 1st Birthday Celebration

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Dragon Hunter Needed

Barely a day has passed since the Austrian national elections. While some may be cheering Sebastian Kurz and the Austrian People's Party (ÖVP) for their win, and others are popping the bubbly and toasting Werner Kogler and the Austrian Green Party for their historic gains, others have likely spent the day in bed bemoaning their… Continue reading Dragon Hunter Needed